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Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

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Tips - Most Recently Added

Removing Like Statements : "Something is wrong! I have these statements showing up saying I ’like’ them but I never did...now these things seem to be posting by themselves. What gives?"  Read more >>

Disabling the Places Feature: "The new ’Places’ feature has ’stalker’ written all over it! I’m not interested in people knowing my every move. How do I disable it?" Read more >>

How to Unfriend a Facebook Friend: "I need to remove an old boyfriend from my friends. How do I do that?" Read more >>

Blocking someone on Facebook: "A friend posts all kinds of crude comments. Is there a way to kick them to the curb?" Read more >>

Hiding a Friend’s Update: "I’ve got a friend who posts some really weird stuff...they’re family so I can’t Unfriend them. What can I do?" Read more >>

Tips - Main Topics

Account - Understand everything from starting to removing your Facebook account. Read more >>

Ads - Learn everything from hiding ads to placing ads on Facebook. Read more >>

Chat – Find features to maximize, minimize or eliminate FB Chat. Read more >>

Friends - Learn how to find them, manage them, hide them and get rid of them. Read more >>

Groups - Discover how to create Groups and foster meaningful discussions. Read more >>

Home – Learn the different ways you can view what your Friends are doing on Facebook. Read more >>

Inbox - Find out how to use the private email system on Facebook. Read more >>

Notes – Discover how to use this creative space for all its worth. Read more >>

Pages – Learn all there is to know about creating, launching and maintaining a Facebook Page. Read more >>

Photos - Read all about posting, tagging, sharing and removing pictures on Facebook. Read more >>

Privacy - Protect yourself and your private information by understanding all you can do with Privacy Settings. Read more >>

Profile – Learn about your personal space and wall on Facebook. Read more >>

Tips Referenced in the Book

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source: TheSocial Media Couple (K. Jason & Kelli Krafsky), authors of Facebook and Your Marriage at SocialMediaCouple.com.


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