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Facebook and Your Marriage

Buy Now! Facebook and Your Marriage

Facebook and Your Marriage is the first book ever written about the impact Facebook has on relationships and what couples can do about it! Order the book or download electronically here >>


LATEST ARTICLE! What Happens on Facebook ... Can Ruin a Marriage

Lots of couples get themselves into trouble by what they’re doing on Facebook. Some marriages have broken up over it. Too many spouses are clueless that what they are doing on the popular social network is negatively impacting their relationship.  Discover the eight ways Facebooking spouses are ruining their marriage >>


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TV INTERVIEW! "Facebook and your marriage"

New Day Northwest, a popular Seattle-area daytime show, invited Jason and Kelli Krafsky on the show to share the do’s and don’ts for married Facebookers. Check out the 7-minute interview >>

OUR OP-ED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES! "The Double Standard in the Real and Virtual Worlds"

The New York Times asked The Social Media Couple to contribute an article related to "Weinergate," sexting, and online flirting. Read what they had to say >>


The Krafskys provide insights on how married couples can proactively prevent bad things from happening to their marriage on Facebook. 

FEATURED! Washington Times Article: "Facing temptation on Facebook"

Facebook and Your Marriage authors share tips for marriages to survive and thrive on Facebook, and add their perspective on the recent story of the pastor who banned Facebook. Read the article from The Washington Times>>

TV NEWS!  Facebook and Your Marriage in 120-Seconds

The book, Facebook and Your Marriage and its authors are the focus of this short but informative news story. Take 2-minutes out of your life to watch it and get a better understanding of what this Facebook and Your Marriage book and site are all about.  Watch it now >>


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NEW EXPOSE ARTICLE! Debunking the One-in-Five Divorces Linked to Facebook Stat

Billions have heard it and millions believe it but it is NOT TRUE. This article shows the timeline of several poorly written news releases and over anxious reporters and bloggers.  Read the first article written on exposing the newest and fastest growing urban myth >>

RECENT ARTICLE! Facebooking Do’s and Don’ts for Engaged Couples

The social media age we live in is revolutionizing how we do relationships…including that transition point between singlehood and marriage. Learn from the mistakes and lessons learned from other premarital couples.  Discover the Facebooking Do’s and Don’ts for Engaged Couples >>

MUST READ!  How to Be Your Kids’ Facebook Friend and Parent Too

Parents and kids are spending a lot more time together...on Facebook. This article spells out the ground rules for kids as well as for parents. There’s even a sample agreement for Facebooking families to download. Read it now >>

KIDS ON FB? Parents Guide to Facebook

Facebook has created a whole new set of challenges for parents. And, with recent news of kids being arrested and expelled from school for what they post on Facebook, parents need to learn the "how-to’s" of Facebook, and quickly!  Read the article from Boston Parents Paper featuring The Social Media Couple >>

Is Facebook a Cyber-Threat to Your Marriage?

Read the most popular article Jason and Kelli have written on how Facebook impacts marriages and what to do about it.   Read more >>

View more articles, resources and tools develeoped by K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky (The Social Media Couple) >>




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Stay on the cutting edge of all things technology and relationships. News, opinions, tools, and resources to help couples, parents, singles strike a balance with their techlationships.  See the blog (and share it with others) >>

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