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About Facebook and Your Marriage

Facebook and Your Marriage is the first book ever written on how relationships can survive and thrive on the world’s most popular online social network.

As Facebook’s popularity rises, so do the number of Facebook-related issues impacting couples:

  • Have you received a Friend Request from a former boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Is your spouse chatting with "someone" on Facebook?
  • Does the topic of Facebook trigger arguments between you and your mate?
  • Do some of your spouse’s Facebook Friends make you uncomfortable?
  • Is the amount of time you or your mate spend on Facebook creating tension?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions...you and your marriage need a copy of Facebook and Your Marriage!

The easy-to-use , interactive, "here’s how" guide helps married Facebookers find answers to questions you can’t find anywhere else.

From the general "How do I..."

    * Find friends on Facebook?
    * Unfriend someone?
    * Protect my private info better?
    * Safeguard my marriage on Facebook?
    * and lost more!

To the specific "What do I do because..."

    * My spouse friended an old flame?
    * Feelings get sparked when chatting with my "first love"?
    * My spouse is on Facebook all the time?
    * I am emotionally connecting with someone on Facebook?
    * and lots more!

Different than most marriage and relationship books which read from cover to cover, with Facebook and Your Marriage, the reader determines where they start, where they end, and gets the answers to the questions they need help with right away.

"It is our hope to bring common sense and healthy boundaries back into marriages in this social media age," say the Krafskys, an active  Facebooking married couple.

In Facebook and Your Marriage, Jason and Kelli respond to people’s questions about Facebook, from the general how-to’s to helping husbands and wives deal with the relationship issues surrounding Facebook.

Diane Sollee of Smart Marriages says, “I highly recommend Facebook and Your Marriage - it’s a great guide to getting started on Facebook or improving your use if you’re already up and running, and all the while making it GOOD for your marriage.”

Whether you’ve never been on Facebook, just getting started or are an avid Facebooker -- Facebook and Your Marriage is a great source of tips and insights to make your Facebook experience  fun for yourself and stress-free for your marriage.

Whether you’re happily married, on the brink of divorce, or somewhere in between - Facebook and Your Marriage provides principles and practical advice so your relationship can survive and thrive on Facebook...and in real-time.

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